Electrical Engineering

Electrical Engineering




The Department of Electrical Engineering was founded in 1980 when the university was re-established in Taiwan, and the master’s program was established in 1984. The undergraduate program was expanded to two classes in 1987 to meet the increase in application, and the doctoral program was established in the same year. Based on expertise in conventional electrical engineering, the department strives to develop innovative information, communication, and electronic technologies to train specialists well-versed in theoretical and practical aspects of electrical engineering, enabling students to be skilled and knowledgeable in the application and development of electronics, network and system design, and radio communication. The department has distinguished faculty, including numerous members and chair professors of notable academic societies (e.g., the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers [IEEE]). The substantial research and development potential of the faculty has been exemplified by the granting of the Ministry of Science and Technology Outstanding Research Award to three of its members in the preceding 3 years. The department also strives to promote a global vision for local industries through the notable method of acquiring Institute of Engineering Education Taiwan certifications. Numerous scholarships and grants are available for students, including scholarships for excellent performance, the scholarship  for financially challenged students, and the scholarship for the project contest, offered by the alumni association. In addition, some scholarships are reserved for graduate students.


Research Directions


The Department of Electrical Engineering has developed complete courses and training programs, covering seven main areas in electrical engineering:


► Semiconductor electronics                

► Power engineering

► Control systems                                     

► Communication systems

► Computer engineering                          

► System-on-chip.

► EM waves


The EE Department of NSYSU is also renowned for its outstanding research achievements, such as the world-leading massive MIMO antenna system research, electric vehicles, smart grid, green energy, cloud computing, the intelligent robot project, internet of Thing (IOT) and biomedical chips.