Computer Science and Engineering

Computer Science and Engineering




Progress in the information industry requires cutting-edge technologies and professional personnel. The Department of Computer Science and Engineering offers bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral programs; The graduate’s program consists of an information engineering program and information security program, which provide all-around coverage of relevant subjects. Through these programs, the department dedicates itself to advancing the standard of information technology in Taiwan and educating experts who could pioneer the country’s development. The sound planning of the university and the joint efforts of the faculty and students lay a firm foundation for the department’s academic output; Overall, the department contributes greatly to the advancement of information technology in Taiwan, making it one of Taiwan’s major research, education, and industry–academia collaboration hubs.  


Research Directions


► Computer Application:

Intelligent system, multimedia system, database , information security, algorithm, computer vision, image processing, bio-informatics.

Computer Network and Wireless Communication:

High speed network, wireless mobile network, java computation, communication protocol, information appliances.

Computer System:

Parallel and distributed system, embedded system, digital signal processing, system on chip, and computer aided design.

Artificial Intelligence:

Speech recognition, natural language processing, robotics, data mining

Information Security:

Applied cryptography, privacy-enhancing technology, wireless and mobile communications security, internet-of-things (IoT) security, biometrics security, cloud/edge/fog computing security, secure intelligent computing, blockchain security, secure and controllable AI.