The Department of Photonics was founded in 1993 with the name “The Institute of Electro-Optical Engineering” from the very beginning. The research fields in DOP cover laser physics, optical semiconductor materials, organic materials, flat panel display, components and packaging, optical communication, and photonic system and application. The main objectives of the department include cultivating highly-trained professionals in electro-optical engineering and advancing the research capability of photonic technologies.  


During the first 15 years, the Institute of Electro-Optical engineering offers only graduate programs for M.S. and Ph.D. degrees. In 2008, the Institute changed its name to “The Department of Photonics “ and started to offer undergraduate program.


The Department of Photonic enjoys high academic standing, and a strong and growing national reputation. In addition to the Top University Development Plan, we have accomplished major national projects, including the Promotion of Academic Excellence Program sponsored by the Ministry of Education and the Technology Development Program for Academia by the Ministry of Economic affairs.


Research Directions


The major research programs of the department are focused on: 

► Optoelectronic materials and devices

► Optical communication and information

► Display and renewable energy