Environmental Engineering

Environmental Engineering




The master’s and doctoral programs of the Institute of Environmental Engineering were established in 1991 and 1997, respectively. The master’s program started to accept on-the-job students in 2001, and a specific curriculum for on-the-job students was established in 2013. These programs endeavor to train advanced experts and researchers in the fields of environmental science and engineering , to engage in basic research for the improvement of technical applications, to develop new technologies, and to promote continuing education and professional studies. Through continuing efforts of over two decades, the distinguished faculties and visionary research capabilities have garnered more than NT$10 million in research funds, as well as over NT$40 million worth of funds in the commissioned projects and industry–academia collaboration projects. In 2016, the department received a Science Citation Index of 4.38, thereby placing it at the forefront of research and education institutions in this field in Taiwan. Alumni can find employment in teaching facilities, public agencies, research institutions, and private consultant or technology companies, as some started their own businesses.


Research Directions


► Air quality and pollution control technology

► Water and wastewater quality and treatment technology

► Solid and liquid waste treatment

► Remediation of contaminated soils and groundwater

► Green energy and resources

► Sustainable environmental management

► Emerging contaminant analysis and treatment technology