Communications Engineering

Communications Engineering




Given Taiwan’s status as a major research and development center for communication equipment, talent in communications engineering is a crucial asset to Taiwan. The institute of Communications Engineering is an independent department that runs master’s and doctoral programs, which were established in 2001 and 2008, respectively. The institute has a distinguished and prolific faculty, including numerous professors who serve as editors of prominent journals, including a number of IEEE journals. Based on the research interests of the faculty members, the institute’s curricula emphasize two major domains, namely communication system technologies and electromagnetic wave and wireless communication applications. The institute pursues the educational goals of academic knowledge, professional skills, team spirit, independent thinking and research innovation, and international mobility to foster professional talent with theoretical knowledge and practical competency. Furthermore, the institute is a major research center of telecommunications in southern Taiwan.


Research Directions


► Communication system technology: 

Wireless communication access technology, communication transceiver design, communication system integration, communication integrated circuit design

► Radio wave and wireless communication applications: 

Radio frequency components, radio wave propagation, antenna design, wireless communication circuit and system implementation