Master’s Program in Telecommunication Engineering

Master’s Program in Telecommunication Engineering




In response to the rapid growth of telecommunication technologies and the increasing demand for telecommunication experts worldwide, the International Master’s Program in Telecommunication Engineering was established in 2014. Based on recent progress in  telecommunication technologies and the telecommunication industry, the program aims to foster telecommunication talent with a global vision. It is the first program of its type in Taiwan, and its students are divided into two groups, depending on their research interests. The System Group primarily focuses on signal processing technology in communication systems, whereas the Wireless Group focuses on training experts in communication transfer  technology. In addition to professional training, the program offers internship opportunities in telecommunication-related industries in Taiwan; experience gained from these internships can enhance students’ competitiveness in the job market after they have returned to their native countries.


Research Directions


The curriculum covers telecommunication systems and transmission techniques, arranges corporate visits, and offers internship opportunities to train experts who are proficient in theoretical knowledge and have practical experience. The research focuses of the aforementioned two groups under the program are described as follows:


System group:

Modern mobile technology, wireless sensor networks, machine learning, virtual reality, biometric, etc.

Wireless group:

Microwave circuits, antenna design, RF technology, electromagic compatibility, laser module packaging, etc.


In addition to training basic research capabilities in telecommunications, the program encourages students to participate in integrated research projects and inter-department projects to expand the depth and breadth of their academic vision.