Research Brief


CoE current research areas include :


♦  Materials and Nano-technology
♦  Precision Manufacturing and Micro-Electromechanical Systems
♦  Electrical Power and Control
♦  IoT and Communication Technology
♦  Electro-optical Technology and Flat Panel Displays
♦  Applied Computer Science and Communication Network
♦  Information Security
♦  AI, Semiconductor, and IC Design
♦  Energy Technology and Environmental Engineering
♦  Pollution Prevention



Key Fields of Technologies:


The faculty of the College of Engineering have been dedicated to semiconductor, green energy, information security related research for many years. The faculty have fruitful teaching and research results, diverse collaboration with industry, government and academia, and experience in transnational cooperation.



In the semiconductor field, the College of Engineering is devoted to the development of semiconductor manufacturing process and IC packaging technology, nanoscale component design, nano-materials, semiconductor and optoelectronic materials, silicon photonic integrated circuit technology, fiber optic gyroscope driver chips, etc.


Green Energy

In the field of green energy, applications include, such as, solar energy engineering, ocean current power generation, combustion and thermal management technologies, green energy materials, silicon-based solar cells, organic photoelectric components, etc.


Information Security

In the field of information security, research areas range from application passwords, network and communication security, Internet of Things (IoT) security, blockchain, hardware security and artificial intelligence security.